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6 Strategies to Prepare for a Video Interview

In this time of COVID-19 more than 50% of employers, recruiters and hiring managers are changing their in-person meetings to either phone or video due to health and safety restrictions. Employers are increasingly using video interviewing techniques as it is more efficient and effective than traditional style interviewing...





Video Interview Tips for Employers

As Employers implement remote work policies hiring managers and recruitment professionals benefit from being able to adapt and move towards a digital hiring process and experience. Video interviews are being used by a number of organizations already and will likely continue as...





9 Tips to Help with your Online Job Search

In this very different world right now you are probably wondering if you should still be job searching and continuing to send your resumes. The answer is yes! Even though many companies have adjusted or suspended their hiring for now they will be hiring once the job market opens back up again...





7 Tips to Help with Sudden Unemployment

Becoming suddenly unemployed during the time of COVID-19 will give you a roller coaster of emotions resulting in you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Like many Canadians, you may be facing a difficult time with a sudden loss of work. The real question is, what’s next? And how do I get there?...