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Board of Directors Opportunity


Make a difference in our community by volunteering for the Job Skills Board of Directors. Share your expertise and knowledge with other community-minded individuals.

Every year, we help more than 20,000 un-employed/under-employed individuals as they seek employment or start their own business. With strong leadership, Job Skills strives to continue to grow. Be a part of that growth by volunteering a few hours a week and help shape our community.

Job Skills is committed to having a strategic Board of Directors that is diverse and reflects the client groups we serve (i.e. Youth, Older Workers, Persons with Disabilities and Newcomers/Immigrants). To complement the existing skills set of the current Board, we are currently seeking individuals with personal or professional experience in the Social Services, Health, Mental Health, Accounting, Marketing and/or Education Sectors. For more information click here.

Want to know more about Job Skills? Download an organizational overview*, with information about current programs and services, Job Skills' Strategic Planning Directions and the most recent Agency Annual Report. (*Accessible version available here.)

  • Recruitment Process

    1. Interested candidates should then download, complete and submit the Board of Directors' Membership Application Form along with a copy of their resume (please refer to submission details included on the form).

    2. Your submission will be reviewed by the Job Skills' Board Recruitment and Nominating Committee.

      If evaluated to be a match to the recruitment priorities of the Board, you will be invited to attend a meeting of the Job Skills' Board of Directors. Attending as a guest, you will have the opportunity to observe the Board in action, network with Directors/Senior Staff and ask questions that you may have regarding the organization.

      At this time the Board will also have an opportunity to get to know you beyond your completed Application Form as you will be required to provide a brief self-introduction.

    3. The Board will review your candidacy based on Board Recruitment Committee recommendations. You will be notified of the Board's formal decision.

    4. If selected for a role with the Board, the successful candidate will complete a Board Orientation and a three-month probationary term in which he/she will be assigned a Mentor Director.

    Please note: Job Skills' Board of Directors' positions are unpaid.

    Excerpt from Job Skills' Board of Directors Policy Manual:

    Board Candidates

    Job Skills' employees, participants in a current program or in post-program phase, students on placement, individuals employed by another service provider and government employees working for a Ministry/Department which funds Job Skills will be informed that in order to be considered for Board membership, a minimum one year hiatus will be observed.

  • Current Board of Directors

    • Wayne Thiessen – Board Chair
    • Sylvie Bilodeau – Vice-Chair
    • Marco Osso – Vice-Chair
    • Quinntin Fong – Treasurer
    • Elias Lyberogiannis - Director
    • Maxine Gordon Palomino – Director
    • Alastair Hobson – Director
    • Pernille Jensen – Director
    • Pat Neil – Director
  • Primary Responsibilities

    • Understand, support and look for opportunities in the community through which to further the Mission and Vision of Job Skills;
    • Learn and remain up to date on the programs and services offered by the agency;
    • Participate in the building of the Agency’s annual Strategic Plan (annual Board retreat approximately 12 hours in length, usually held in January of each year);
    • Provide direction to and evaluate the implementation of the Agency’s Strategic Plan, Operating Plan and annual budget in partnership with the Executive Director;
    • Prepare for, attend and participate in evening Board Meetings, the last Tuesday of each month, 10 times/year (2 to 2½ hours in length) at selected Job Skills’ facilities;
    • Be accessible for contact by Board counterparts and/or the Agency’s Executive Director (or representative) between Board Meetings;
    • Maintain the highest level of standards regarding the fiduciary management of the agency and establishment of the Corporation’s By-Laws;
    • Serve on a minimum of one of the Board’s Standing and/or Ad Hoc Sub-Committees including Personnel, Finance, Board Governance, Board Recruitment and Nominating. (This requires a number of meetings per year plus individual committee task completion time averaging approximately 2-6 hours per month);
    • Participate in scheduled Board/Director self-review processes;
    • Attend Agency events as scheduling permits.
  • Qualifications/Assets

    • Experience with or an interest in the employment and business services sector;
    • Ability to be an ambassador for the Agency and the clients served by Job Skills;
    • Strong communication, negotiation and consensus building skill sets;
    • Dedication to building the capacity of our communities.