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Your Support of Job Skills Helps Change Lives, Each and Every Day!

We offer assistance and support to individuals to find or create work that will help them feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. Our clients include unemployed/under-employed individuals, newcomers, immigrants and refugees, youth at risk, older workers and persons with disabilities.

While Job Skills receives funding to deliver some of its programs and services, the Agency needs additional support for many of its initiatives that do not receive any funding or are only partially funded.


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Job seekers come from all walks of life — youth at-risk of diminished life outcomes, older workers, newcomers who bring strong educational backgrounds and work experience needing an opportunity to enter the Canadian labour market and individuals considering self-employment.

Your donation can help job seekers to change their lives, and contribute to the economic and social viability of our communities.

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Job Skills is a non-profit organization with charitable status (Charitable #128327293RR0001). Donations are tax-deductible and a charitable tax receipt will be provided. Donations are processed via

Our Clients Say...
  • "The teachers were incredible and provided the class with such a positive and friendly atmosphere. I am beyond grateful for what the Smart Start program has given me. I can now be confident in interviews. The education I learned here will help me throughout my life. Thank you to all the program facilitators and coordinators!"
    ~ Eliana, Markham

  • "If I had not come to Job Skills, I would still be unemployed. I received amazing help from the Job Skills staff to find a job in my field. I couldn’t be more thankful."
    ~ Vinay, Pharmacy Assistant, Brampton

  • "NVision has leveraged Job Skills on a few occasions to help in the facilitation of our ongoing staff training programs. Our company has seen an incredible return, as our staff are trained on specific modules, we’ve seen a significant increase in productivity and utilization. We would not have been able to accomplish this growth had it not been for the support of the great people at Job Skills! They walked us through every step of the way and made the process painless, I would highly recommend working with the team over at Job Skills."
    ~ George Arabian, Owner, NVision

  • "Everyone at Job Skills has such a positive, caring attitude. Thank you to all of the Job Skills staff for participating in my job search efforts."
    ~ Debbie, Customer Service Rep, Keswick

  • "I may be a woman with a disability but I'm definitely NOT a disabled woman. Thanks again Job Skills."
    ~ Patricia, Self-Employed, Keswick

  • "All the people at Job Skills are there to support you. They are ready to help and you don’t even have to ask. They are happy when you get an interview."
    ~Mirelle, Simpact Practice Firm

  • "Job Skills has been an invaluable resource to our company. Job skills is always my first call when I am in need. They have aided us with staffing needs, hiring support, work shops, employer events with great guest speakers, assistance with job grants and funding for further skills training. At Job Skills they are always friendly and want to help us succeed. I have always and will continue to highly recommend working with the wonderful people at Job skills."
    ~Tom Hester, Shady Lane Expert Tree Care Inc.

  • "Being a stay at home Mom for 20 years, I needed to upgrade my skills. Job Skills gave me the support and confidence I needed. With persistence and a positive attitude, I was successful at finding a job."

    "The workshop facilitators were terrific. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. I learned a lot about résumé and cover letter writing, and tapping into the job market as a mature worker. The soft skills solutions workshop, where I learned a lot about handling different situations in the work place, was very enriching."
    ~ Christine, Customer Service Rep, Markham

  • "Job Skills’ Bridge to HR program was an eye opener and provided fruitful learning about the Canadian human resources system including, résumé writing, elevator speeches, networking, do's and don’ts, online career research, and interview preparation. All this definitely boosted my self-confidence and integrated my skills with the Canadian HR culture, which was exactly what I needed."

    "I strongly advise every HR professional, new immigrant in the Toronto area to consider the Bridge to HR program at Job Skills. Job Skills has great tools and lessons to help candidates successfully find jobs in the human resources field."
    ~ Jason, Human Resources Manager, Toronto

  • "I started my experience at Simpact and I don't think I will ever forget this period. It wasn't only to help me find a job – it helped rebuild my confidence if I ever needed to search for a job again. The people at Simpact are so positive. They believe in you and are passionate in a way that makes you believe in yourself too."
    ~ Maja, Marketing Coordinator, Newmarket

  • "We have had the privilege of working with Job Skills a few times over the past several years and each experience has provided our organization with great opportunity. The team at Job Skills is professional and extremely supportive!"
    ~ Andrea Flint, York Card Technology Inc.

  • "The staff ensured I remained positive and confident, not just while looking for a job but also while working with an organization in order to grow. This was remarkable advice which helped me, in turn, guide other newcomers."
    ~Mohammed, Vaughan

  • "When I came to Canada, the most important thing was to get a job. My accounting certificate was from Syria. I got Canadian experience and references working at Simpact. They helped me a lot and I thought of them not just as a practice firm, but as family."
    ~ Salah, Uxbridge

  • "I needed help to put my business plan together. I heard about Job Skills’ Entrepreneur Program where you attend classes and get support from a coach. It was exactly what I needed. If I had not gone to Job Skills, I’d be unemployed and homeless, but now I’m running my own business."
    ~ Suzanne, Orangeville, Entrepreneur

  • "Simpact helped me to improve my résumé. I got certification with Quick Books Pro through Simpact. Now I’m an accountant for one of the largest firms in the world. It’s a very nice job. I’m learning a lot and it’s everything I was looking for."
    ~Manuel, Simpact Practice Firm

Corporate Sponsorships

Engage With Us

to build a better community

Employers and Job Skills have been working together for over 27 years to achieve a common goal – ensuring the long-term growth of the business community and meeting labour demands by supporting job seekers find meaningful employment. We believe that you share our values and want to make a better workforce.

While Job Skills receives funding to deliver some of its programs and services, the Agency needs corporate support for many of its initiatives that do not receive any funding or are only partially funded. By partnering with us, you can help job seekers to change their lives, and contribute to the economic and social viability of our communities.

Your sponsorship of:

  • $10,000 — PARTNER
    will assist Job Skills develop a new initiative identified by the community where funding is not available. Imagine your contribution helping young entrepreneurs start new businesses.
  • $5,000 — INVESTOR
    will assist Job Skills invest in a current initiative that is partially funded. Imagine foreign-trained HR professionals finding work in their field.
  • $2,500 — ASSOCIATE
    will assist Job Skills by sponsoring a special initiative or event that is complementary to the services/programs we offer. Imagine new flexible resources to enhance our current offerings for Persons with Disabilities, Newcomers and Entrepreneurs of all ages.

Your sponsorship will be recognized in a variety of ways including: a business receipt, acknowledgment on Job Skills’ social media platforms, opportunities to be directly involved with project development and membership on Working Groups and Advisory Committees and logo visibility on our website and on promotional material. For more information, please contact Job Skills.

Job Skills' Charitable #12832 7293 RR0001

Other Ways to Engage

There are many other ways you can offer your support:

  • Be a Mentor – Assist our clients by sharing your time and expertise
  • Provide Placement Opportunities – Help our clients get on-the-job experience
  • Advisory Committees/Guest Speakers – Share your expertise by participating on Program Advisory Committees, providing support with curriculum development, being a Guest Speaker in our Workshops
  • Volunteer as a member of the Board of Directors

Contact General Inquiries for more information.

Our Corporate Sponsors

Thank You!

Job Skills' graciously acknowledges the support of employers who share our vision of a more vibrant community.

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