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So What's Cool About Volunteering?

Volunteering Fact:

Volunteering can help give you the skills you will need to achieve your career goal. If you would like to be a veterinarian try volunteering at an Animal Shelter...If you would like a career as a Journalist, why not volunteer for a local newspaper???

Getting by Giving:

Volunteering is a way of giving to and becoming involved in the community. As a volunteer there are numerous personal and career benefits available to you.

Volunteering lets you:

  • Practice skills you already have and develop new ones—more work experience for your resume.
  • Meet people and make contacts that might be able to help you in your job search.
  • Explore different careers by working in areas that interest you.
  • Finding the Right Fit:
  • Find the right agency/organization for you ... there are big and small non-profit organizations out there who can use your help. Some agencies are operated totally by volunteers, for example: community sports leagues or clubs.

How much time do you have to offer?

Volunteer opportunities include both long and short-term commitments. Some may take a few hours or days a week for a period of time; others may be project-related and over in a few days. Have fun with it!

Where to find opportunities:

Look around in your community at places that interest you. Family and friends may have some good ideas or contacts, or know others who volunteer. Schools post volunteer opportunities and sometimes hold volunteer fairs. The Internet is host to a vast amount of information about non-profit agencies and volunteer opportunities. Make a list of possible agencies you can contact about offering your time and talent.

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